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Self-proclaimed Style Deity
A gentleman's personal tailor | Levenson Rodriguez

Filipino culture in British Dadyism

Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week
Autumn 2013

How did i come about with this collection?

levenson rodriguez

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

Now back to my question...

How I came about this collection?
Was having coffee with my best friend Del Durana and he was
wearing the usual office polo barong

I told him that what he was wearing was interesting
Interesting to make it into something not office like
Something one can wear to an event or a night partying

And still with the Pinoy flavor to it

of course with my love affair with colors and prints

Alas! my Juxtapose collection

And the humbling story with this collection
 is when Angelo Ramirez Cartagena of Mega Man sms me wanting to pull out

Gracias Angelo

or this during my curtain call

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke

How heart warming

For all who went and supported all the designers for Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week Autumn 2013
Mil gracias

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When I made this Dichotomy collection for Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week
I was aiming to sell the shoes more... Which did work.

Had 9 orders of different designs (php8,500 boots / php7,500 brogues) 
Happy with that already

I also thought of just going crazy. Everyone knows I do the classic look and putting colors together.
Prints is something people know I do as well

But this time I want to go crazy with putting prints together

I'm very happy that out of the 8 piece collection
 5 were featured in Garage Magazine November 2012

The other 3-- one was featured in Preview Magazine November 2012

And the other 2 will be seen in Mega Magazine and Megastyle.ph

(good thing not a piece was used twice)

Mil gracias to Garage Magzine, Preview, Mega Magazine and Megastyle.ph
and for the stylists Ryuji Shiomitsu
Anna Canlas
Rei Buesing and Angelo Ramirez

Garage magazine November 2012
Garage magazine November 2012
Garage magazine November 2012 

Garage magazine November 2012

Garage magazine November 2012

Garage magazine November 2012 

And here one of my boots design...

Photo 1 (3)

Garage magazine November 2012 

Preview November 2012 

Editorial story
Photo 8 

My Dichotomy creation
A sleeveless blazer with bolero-- which I wore during the PEFTA 2012

Preview November 2012

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I was humbled that I was the finale designer for the whole PMFW
Thank you to the organiser and all my friends who went to support
until February... I'll be doing THE DRAMA 

levenson rodriguez dichotomy collection



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Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week

I was placed in DIMENSIONS category
which one should expect unorthodox pieces or edgey

I said yes and tried to push myself from being
more into classics and minimal excpet with my love
of putting colors together

But with this collection... I went crazy hehe

See you all on the 26th

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Pilipinas Men's fashion week
photos by Dookie Ducay PMFW collaterals

DICHOTOMY collection
August 26, 2012
5pm Robinson's Malate
Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week 2012

Dichotomy collection by Levenson Rodriguez

This would be the last time I'll go crazy with prints for this year

Next collection "the DRAMA"-- will be back to the classic Lev, twas suppose to be released September 2012
but had to push back to December

See you all at the PMFW 2012

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Last week Manila was hit by a strong monsoon
it's like Ondoy all over again...

This made me uncomfortable and worried not just for our kababayans
who I know will be greatly affected by floods.

My family lives in Marikina-- I had to sms my mother and sister to see how they're doing
Good thing the rain stopped after the 3rd day.
Although water went in already and reached the 2nd step

But I'm grateful they're all safe and not much damage has been made

But a lot of places were submerge under the flood
a lot of families are stranded with nothing to eat nor water to drink
Its great that Ricardo suggested that we helped out

So we went to La Salle Greenhills to lend a hand
last August 8, 2012
Twas still raining hard... and windy but I was perspiring big time
while packing and categorizing the relief goods

Volunteer work at LSGH
Laarni Jocson a close friend. We worked together in Monday Magazine y mejor amigo Ric Gindap whom I fondly call Ricardo

A very humbling experience. Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good it is useful.
Let's all lend a hand.
The willingness to share and help does not make one charitable. It makes one free. God bless us all

It was the same week that a designer friend Pia Gladys Perey
group messaged some of the people from the fashion industry that she was
organizing a fashion show for a cause...

It feels great that someone would take the initiative to do something like this
Believe you me, this is a difficult thing to do

Look for a venue, suppliers... designers to participate, stylist...
models, make up and hair stylist, pphotographers

But she was able to make it happen...
I said yes right away

Vamos a ayudar

I hope to see most of you and make a difference in our own simple way

Let's lend a hand

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Project Runway Philippines is a Philippine adaptation of Project Runway. This reality television series, which aims to find "the next big Filipino fashion designer," is produced by Solar Entertainment Corporation and Unitel Productions. It is shown on ETC Entertainment Central. The show was hosted by model and actress Teresa Herrera during the first two seasons. She was replaced by Filipina fashion legend Tweetie de Leon. Fashion designer Jojie Lloren serves as mentor since the first season while Filipino top model and lifestyle feature writer Apples Aberin and fashion designer Rajo Laurel complete the judging panel.[1] The series is currently in its third season which premiered on March 25, 2012.

Season 1 premiered July 30, 2008

Aries Lagat took home the first PRP winner
followed by Philip Tampus and Veejay Floresca

Our very own Jaz Cerezo, founding member and currently president of
Fashion Designers Alliance (FaDAL) Manila was the 5th placer

Jaz Cerezo
Photo by Rxandy Capinpin for Chiaroscuro collection

photo by Darrel Pobre for FaDAL Manila founding members

2nd season premiered August 12, 2009

Many Marquez was declared winner
Russel Villafuerte as runner-up
who also won 1st season of Generation Mega a year after

Santi Obcena, founding member of FaDAL Manila placed 3rd

photo by Darrel Pobre for FaDAL Manila founding members

Our very own Cherry Samuya Veric, founding member and
the NewComer Designer during FaDAL's first term
who just got back from China as an in-house fashion designer
placed 4th that season

Cherry Samuya Veric
photo by Rxandy Capinpin for Chiarascuro collection

photo by Darrel Pobre for FaDAL Manila founding members

3rd Season premiered March 25, 2012

After a 3 year hiatus... twas a long wait worth waiting for
for the first time there were 4 finalist

Milka Quin Redoble was declared the winner
with her very tailored and structured collection

Our very own Cheetah Rivera, PRO FaDAL Manila
wowed the crowd and getting applause piece after piece
with her very high fashion collection

Nel Claveria, 2nd runner up
Amor Albano, 3rd runner up

Cheetah Rivera
photo by Rxandy Capinpin for Chiaroscuro collection

We are proud to have these very talented designers to be part of FaDAL Manila
to be an inspiration to all up and coming designers
With superb talent and humility to make a difference in the Philippine fashion industry

Congratulation to all the contestants for showing how talented we Filipinos are

In celebration of these talents we invite everyone this coming 
August 04, 2012  9-11pm at Izumi

Cheetah Rivera Victory party

Hope to see you all there
e-mail names to fadalmanila@gmail.com for guest listing

Mabuhay Philippine Fashion!

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I need an inspiration for my next collection
- I tweeted this last week

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas,
the way we live, what is happening"

As the great Coco Chanel once said

But its not easy as it seems, I can't just go out...
visit museums, galleries or even go malling
or the easiest way-- surf the net and see what would 
tickle one's fancy

An inspiration should be something you connect with
Something that speaks to you the moment you see it, hear it
or the moment you've thought of something

Something you feel strongly about
Something that would make you smile 

To some, when this happens...
endless ideas starts pouring in one after another
-- This is the time when one should start EDITING

Anyhow, mine came when I was sending a quotation to a client
Which I had to check my fb (which I rarely open now) inbox for his e-mail address

I came across a message from my best friend Darrel Perez
who lives in London and at times in Brussels for almost a decade now
Memories. Flashback.

I started reminiscing those days we would meet up in Shangri-la Mall in a newly
opened Figaro-- we were some of its very first patrons
Coffee. Endless conversation. Shopping which we do a lot hehe
and more coffees after

We'd meet up after his class.  Sometimes 1pm I guess and we would be the 
few ones who'd close the mall.  True.  We would sometimes go from one mall to another and to another

Then... we'll meet up again the next day
SAME things to do...
Coffee. Endless conversation. shopping and more coffe
Malling. Malling and to another Mall

But we never get tired of it...

Then upon reminiscing I didn't realize I was smiling already...
Just like now while posting this

There's my inspiration!

My best friend Darrel Perez who I terribly miss
(I still bring gifts to his mom every Christmas and her bday-- the only way I feel connected to him)

Well, what's the point of the video I posted?

Dharl, loves the DRAMA. The theatrics. He loves old movies...
And believe you me he loves imitating those old hollywood actress with flare and conviction

And I could just see him saying
"All right, Mr. DeMille.. I'm ready for my close-up"
complete with that eye expression and hand gestures!

And as always... I'll end up laughing uncontrollably

Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke
Sept 2012

I'm very grateful that in spite of Darrel not being here in the Philippines anymore...
I still got 3 of my best friends with me
Muchas gracias Janeth Tia, Ric Gindap and Del Durana
Special mention to Louie Jay who patiently keeps up w me and for always being supportive 

Photo was posted in my instagram (styledeity) with the caption
Something I'm grateful for... True friendship that would last a lifetime 

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I was privileged to be chosen by the people of Etude as one of their guest speakers
last April 21 & 22

Etude house is a Korean brand known for their make up and skin care
I've heard that when you visit their stores...
one would have a personal shopper who'd go around with
their clients and help them choose the right products 

This is what I wore the first day
I have to talk about visual Poise and its importance 
-- sans the necktie which I really opted for
because of the scorching hot weather

its a good thing Louie Jay is still resting from chronic fatigue from his previous job
-- Assistant Manager of a bridge market brand
and was able to accompany for the next 2 days all the way to SM the Block, North EDSA

Here we are after my talk with Kat
Luji's best freind from Forever 21 where he worked as a Visual Display Officer

The next day I decided to wear this
this time a tie is mandatory since I'll be talking about
the impact of Power Dressing

but as you'll noticed I'm wearing something else during the talk
-- had to change because the heat is unbearable
That's a short sleeves
And instead of wearing a dress pants, I decided to wear a black
jeans with my utilitarian boots with coat and tie

After all I'll be speaking to young adults
-- and perhaps a little feel of the Korean styling (hehe)

I was surprised to find out that the one performing after my talk is my
cousin Stephanie Dan---
you should grab a copy of her cd if you're into acoustic slash urban type of music
it's relaxing to listen to---

Luji, as a matter of fact, plays it most of the time at the work studio
when we have a client


Yes I did change again after the talk...
The spot light was definitely a plus factor to the already hot weather
which makes the atrium of the Block not that cold plus the hundreds of 
Etude House guests

With Luji, Ms. Cindy and Joanna of the Fashion Academy Manila

Etude gave me these...
I should have all my certificates of appreciation framed
I believe I got more than 2 dozens already

An Etude House (hehe)

with these inside...
Tried the hand cream already-- see those 2 with very cute containers those are hand creams
They're good after a week usage hands are softer

I gave luji the Aloe Moist for the face.
He's been using it for almost 3 weeks already...
Very good product as well

He has no break outs and skin seems younger and glowing

I'll be trying the milk body wash soon and the rest of the products...
considering I have sensitive skin,
these products are not irritating my skin

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I hope most of my groom clients would send me
a photos of their weddings...

JJ and his now wife Jhenn is based in Singapore...

During the fitting...

Muchas gracias Jhenn and JJ for tagging me these photos

will be posting more...

Now waiting for my 7:45 client Paul Tan.

Funny I got an inquiry yesterday and sending a quotation as a type this entry
to someone named Paul Tan too

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