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Bjorn Bedayo - Self-proclaimed Style Deity
A gentleman's personal tailor | Levenson Rodriguez
Bjorn Bedayo

I met Bjorn when he was 15 years old that was 4 years ago
He was one of my students for modeling

Bjorn was one of those student who you know wants what they're doing.
With compassion and conviction

He was one of those who I would remember the name right away
because of the energy and aura a student would bring to the table

Bjorn has always been stylish...
Photo above is his first order from me
A bespoke shirt, dress pants and the coat below
which still fits him perfectly today

Bjorn was one of the 100 Vainest of the Metro amongst other respected photographers,
stylist, fashion designers

A photo-exhibit project I had with Rxandy Capinpin

Bjorn started a blog last 2007, which I believe is being followed by many  already

A sophomore student taking up Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde.
The SDA Project contributor.

Bjorn also took interest in Photography
Here are some of his early works

This is around September of last year
I'm more than glad to lend my creations to someone who would like to perfect his craft
-- not to mention I see a lot of potential in him

I just lent out some of my creations to Bjorn a few months ago
-- see the diference

Vast vast improvement!
He has the making of a photographer last year...
This year I could say he could be one of those who have his own aesthetic already

Below is a much recent photo from him with some of my utilitarian inspired jakcets

Fashion Designers Aliance (FaDAL) first assemblage also worked with him
for its profile photo
this was taken 2009

The New Assemblage will be working with him once again
with their The Renaissance Collection which was recently showed 
at The Establishment last week



Bjorn wearing his latest commissioned bespoke dress shirt and bow tie
which he wore in MEGA Fashion Crew
-- oh! did I mention he was part of it. Amongst hundreds who auditioned for it
Bjorn made it to the Top 60
which already aired 2 weeks ago

Bjorn got eliminated on the 2nd episode...
but that's just the beginning for this very talented young Photographer/blogger
Experience is the best teacher after all

--I've heard he'll be designing shirts soon as well 

Bjorn in my latest Tapestry Collection--
a gift to someone who's perseverance I admire.
A very kind young man.
A talented lad.
A friend

He lives each day with this in mind--- CARPE DIEM

In Horace, the phrase is part of the longer Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero – "Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the future", 

The next entry is the latest project I did with Bjorn Bedayo
my mid year campaign 

-- See how he has developed a lot

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